MBW Reviews the Boba carrier

We have a joint review for you! Two weeks before our annual Disneyland trip we spotted the Boba carrier on Zulilly and managed to both score a new carrier for a decent price.

We had both had an eye on the Boba for awhile now but couldn’t find a good reason to buy one full price. We were both hoping it would be a carrier for the kids who usually walk or stroll but need carrying every once in awhile.

Who we carried like pack mules all over the Happiest Place on Earth:

  • Rey, age 2, 29lbs
  • Brady, age 1, 28lbs
  • Margeaux, age 4, 32lbs
Rock'n the Boba with Rey and Brady

What we liked:
K: The fabric is sooo soft
K: Great for big kids – foot straps were perfect for Mo’s long, lanky legs and the body is nice and tall and covers most of her back
K: Sleeping hood rolls up and stores smartly and easily.
M: Easy to schlep around. Could just throw it in the stroller.
M: Pretty comfortable.

What we didn’t like:
K: No pocket! I’m so used to the handy pocket in the Ergo and I really missed it.
K: I just couldn’t get a comfortable front carry with B at all which was dissapointing. The shoulder straps were constantly falling off for some reason if I wore him in front. Not a problem in back. He was sick this trip and I wanted him close and in the front so I opted for my trusty Ergo after the first day and honestly haven’t gone back to the Boba again.
M: My boba’s top front strap was sewn on backwards. :( So, it’s sort of weird, but not a huge deal.
M: When I’m carrying Rey, the top strap gets really close to my neck, and it can’t be pushed down anymore than it already is. I’m thinking I could probably adjust it somehow, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Final thoughts on the Boba:
K: My husband really likes it for carrying our long, lean 4yo. It’s “their” carrier now and we keep it in the car all the time. It doesn’t get a ton of use (she’s pretty big now) but it’s handy and works really well for the two of them.
K: Minus the missing pocket and my inability to get the straps right in a front carry it’s like they took the Ergo and made it even better.
M: I don’t have another carrier, and we’re very much past the baby stage, so we won’t be buying another one. I’m glad the Boba works pretty well with Rey. I even put him in it to carry him around the mall. It’s convenient and fairly comfortable. It’s nice that both my husband and I can use it.