Mrs…Alex’s Mom?


I can’t believe the boys are old enough for this yet, but apparently we’re in a new development phase, and it comes knocking at my door almost every day.

Neighborhood kids that I didn’t even know existed have started showing up every day, knocking the door and asking the perennial question of the summer, “Can Alex come out to play?”

The first time this happened, I wasn’t even sure what to say. Alex was looking up at me with those please-please-please-let-me-go eyes. So, off he went.

Here’s the rub at the moment though. One of the kids came to the door yesterday, and I went to introduce myself, since, well, I’ve never met this kid before. As I started to talk, I realized…I have no idea how to introduce my self to this kid.


  • Mrs. Notarte? No….too…old?
  • Megan? No…too informal. Seems like I’m trying too hard to be their friend.
  • Miss Megan? Just weird. Sorry.
  • Alex’s Mom? Possible…but I’m also Rey’s Mom. So Alex and Rey’s Mom?
  • To our close friends and family, I go by Auntie M or Aunt Megan. I teach my kids to call close friends and family Auntie or Uncle. That seems like a weird approach for neighborhood kids, though.

    So, that day, I went with Megan. It is my name, after all. Oooh…maybe now’s a good time to introduce a fun, quirky nickname? Maybe I should go by Princess Cupcake of the House of Notarte?

    3 thoughts on “Mrs…Alex’s Mom?

    1. Emily

      I love it! I think Princess M or Queen Notarte would suffice. :)

      • Megan

        Oooh! Queen Notarte. That has a nice ring to it. :)

    2. Too funny. I’m definitely going with Helen.

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