Hey, Peggy! No bunny!

I’m watching them sleep. The are side by side, breathing like one but noisely with noses stuffy with late spring colds. I wrap B’s blanket across both of them because it’s gotten the tiniest bit chilly in the bedroom. The coziness is short-lived though because Mo rolls over, leaving B alone under his blanket, and, well, she farts really loudly.

Even in their sleep these kids crack me up. Today B was shouting at Mo “it’s not funny, Ate!” except in his sweet baby talk it sounds just like, “no bunny, Ate!!”. How do you not laugh when somebody is repeatedly shrieking “No Bunny!!!” at you so insistently? Poor boy. Even I couldn’t suppress my giggles. “No bunny!!!”

The girl…She slays me on a regular basis with her questions about the world and how or why things work. She asks what words mean and comes up with creatively insane solutions to everyday scenarios. The other day she was quizzing me on who was whose mama as we settled down for bed. “Who is Grandma’s mama?”, etc. We get to my Grandpa’s mom whose stepmom was named Peggy. “Piggy?! Her name is Piggy?” she whispered, shocked, not even laughing because she was so blown away. Then the giggles came and we laughed and laughed under the covers in the dark, trying not to wake B. Hysterical! We called each other Peggy for the next two days and giggled every time.

They crack me up. I love how their brains work. I need to write down more of these endearing snippets of them at these ages. (sign me up for Megan-Google’s brilliant idea!) Corny, but it really is going by quickly. That’s another topic though, Peggy.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Peggy! No bunny!

  1. Emily

    I laughed out loud when I read this post. My girls and I were driving home from daycare the other day and Murphey had question after question for me, what makes a giraffe a giraffe? Are all baby cows born in the spring? Why? How? Then Teag pipes in with some silly song. Complete opposites, it’s been like that since day 1 with them. I am like you, I cherish these moments and giggle away when it’s appropriate. Teagan’s words still aren’t clear all of the time and she was calling me Momma…Murphey thought she said Llama…so both started calling me Llama. We laughed and laughed. I decided to make up new names for them, Mikey and Thomas. More giggles. Cherish these “little” things. It goes by quickly but they are shaping us and we are shaping them…one little giggle at a time.

  2. Andre

    Love this post and Emily’s comment. Great stuff to read after waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep!

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