Link it Up – 07/09/2010

Oh, are we busy! And when we’re not we’re enjoying the summer weather that is hitting the Pacific Northwest with a lovely heat wave right now. We’ll get back into more regular posting soon but until then here are some links to keep you busy:

Another study out telling us what we know already – breastfeeding is full of benefits!

Here’s a totally incredible story about a married couple finding out that they met when they were little children at Disney. They have pics to prove it!

You know the teen that attempted to sail around the world? Salon had an article about her from a parenting perspective. Would you let your kid do it?

My little guy LOVES to pull the little mouse off my work laptop and slowly move it towards his mouth like he’s going to gobble it up. That’s scary but so is what he could do to my email and files! Ohdeedoh posted about two programs that will save us from the latter at least.

Have a great weekend!