Links We Love – 6/18/2010

No posts this week but we do have links! We’ll be back next week with our regular scheduled programming and maybe a sneek peek at all the mama mantras work we’ve been doing. Have a great weekend!

Here’s a totally incredible story about a married couple finding out that they met when they were little children at Disney. They have pics to prove it!

We all know school lunches are a hot topic right now. But if you don’t have kids in school yet (like us) do you have any idea what they are serving? This teacher ate school lunch all year and documented it. It’s way worse than the taco salad and chocolate milk I remember! I can’t believe how much is prepackaged!

Mmmmm..cake in a jar, pie in a jar and now crisp in a jar over at! I need jars!

50 fun ideas for Summer on Kiwi is great for those days when the clock is ticking a little too slow and you’re out of ideas of things to do with the kids.