Good Stuff – June 2nd, 2010

Don’t you love short weeks! Now if only we could get some real summer weather up here in the Pacific Northwest. Ah well…plenty of other good stuff going on – who needs sunshine?

Karissa’s Good Stuff

  • Long weekends
  • Pizza, movie, dessert lunch date with Andre (thanks Jess & Ryan!)
  • mama mantra / Mom Blog Work summit in Centralia with Megan
  • The design process
  • Mo riding a camel
  • My new hoodie from Maia – I kind of want to live in it

Megan’s Good Stuff

  • Planning with Karissa
  • Dim sum
  • Lake park picnic
  • Reading to Rey and Alex
  • Driving to dot donuts and then looking for Ernest while he’s on his long run
  • Ernest grocery shopping for the week

2 thoughts on “Good Stuff – June 2nd, 2010

  1. Donna Birch

    promise of sun
    dinner invite from long lost relative
    getting into shape
    fresh coffee

  2. Emily

    I can’t believe I almost missed my weekly Good’s been a long week!
    *Teagan learning how to say her sisters name
    *The dog psychic
    *The 3 M’s dress rehearsal
    *Watching my chickens run around the yard
    *Sunshine…or the promise of seeing it again

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