Links We Love – May 28, 2010

Oh, TGIF! Double TGIF since it’s the Friday before a three-day weekend! Finally! Here are the links that caught our attention this week:

Toddlers who tell lies early on are more likely to do well later, researchers claim. So, don’t worry if your little one is telling a whopper now and then!

Ahhhh…Photoshop Beauty Cream. Don’t believe what you see in print!

This cracked me up and made me feel “normal” – A collage of all the junk this mama found when cleaning out her minivan. We are not alone!

The buzz about the NY Times mommy blogger article is dying down but I’m still stumbling upon people’s responses. I liked this down to earth take from Metropolitan Mama – How Social Media Has Made Me a Better Mother.

Have a great weekend!