Good Stuff – April 28th, 2010

Wednesday! Time for Good Stuff! Remember – it’ll make you happier! Please join us in the comments – it’s so fun to read everybody’s lists.

Karissa’s Good Stuff

  • Our new morning routine – Andre and kids following the bus and waving
  • Mo saying “hanitizer” for hand sanitizer
  • Running outside
  • Coding
  • 3 for $1 mini cookie happy hour at Simons

Megan’s Good Stuff

  • Rey’s turning two on Friday
  • Another 5k under my belt
  • Upcoming Disneyland trip anticipation

3 thoughts on “Good Stuff – April 28th, 2010

  1. Emily

    Good Stuff of the week…hmmmm

    *Teagan and my rocking out to The Cult
    *Cleaning and organizing the play room
    *Murphey and Grandma + Great Grandma visits
    *My cool neighbors
    *My busy little bee husband who helps to keep the house up when I just don’t feel like it
    *Memories of my mom

  2. Emily

    Hey can you edit comments? I meant…
    Teagan and I rocking out to The Cult

  3. Love it, Emily! I can totally see you and Teag rocking out together. :) I took a stab at the playroom today too – definitely Good Stuff. Thank you for sharing!

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