Good Stuff – April 14, 2010

It’s a short week for some of us around here at MBW (lucky Karissa!). We’ve got a lot to be grateful for this week – how ’bout you? Join us in our weekly gratitude exercise. Studies show that the practice of gratitude can increase happiness by 25%. Post your Good Stuff list in the comments!

Brady at his first Mariner's game

Karissa’s Good Stuff

  • MBW work day with Megan – great company, good coffee, good music and we got TONS done
  • A day with Mo while B takes good naps – I think we all needed that day
  • Mariner’s opening day with the family
  • Our daycare and the wonderful women that work there and love my kids all day
  • Heading home for a few days!
  • Travel Channel
  • Andre and his quest for laundry dominance

Alex after a bath...with a warm towel!

Megan’s Good Stuff

  • Dinner with a new-to-me friend
  • MBW summit at Santa Lucia Roasters in Centralia.
  • Lots of time with Nanna and Papa
  • Snuggles
  • Me and the kids crashing Ernest’s Sunday run and chanting “Go Daddy, Go!”
  • Nanna and Tita cleaning the fridge and pantry
  • Handyman dad helping with our drippy faucet

5 thoughts on “Good Stuff – April 14, 2010

  1. Teaching Yoga class unexpectedly

    Wearing Shorts and Flip Flops

    Lunch with Grandpa

    Sleeping hard the last two days

    Reading Barbara Kingsolver

    Z telling me he picked up an elastic band from the park for me because I do so much for him.

  2. Donna Birch

    Watching my grandson running around just a week after major surgery.
    A sunny day
    Snuggling with Alex
    Learning my wonderful husband just landed a huge contract.
    going to the zoo
    watching the kids playing hide and seek with Tita

  3. Emily

    *A good hard cry, nothing like a soul cleansing session!
    *Murphey jumping into the swimming pool at lessons and loving it!
    * Teagan’s chubby little bottom
    *My Teagan turning 1 on Friday
    *Thad playing “fort” with the girls

  4. Spring arriving (finally!)

    Reading “Elmer and the Lost Teddy” to Waverly

    Playing trains with Oliver

    Capturing memories in pictures

    Peach milkshake from Chik-fil-a

  5. Andre

    Mariners opening day with the fam
    cleaning the house like crazy
    a day with the kiddos while mama meets Megan
    watching the Masters

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