Good Stuff – March 17, 2010

The M+B+W families spent the weekend together and are still/again fighting various illnesses which you can tell from some of our Good Stuff items. So, while we recover, don’t forget: studies show that the practice of gratitude can increase happiness by 25%. Join us in our weekly gratitude exercise. Post your Good Stuff list in the comments! Here are ours:

Karissa’s Good Stuff

  • soft kleenex
  • Mo on her bike
  • Weekend with Megan’s fam
  • My pillow
  • Sleepy Brady
  • An taking care of all of us while we are sick
  • Top secret, super exciting MBW projects in the works

Megan’s Good Stuff

  • Rey singing “Moon, Moon, Moon”
  • Ibuprofin – still/again
  • Working from home
  • Team Boom Boom Pow!
  • Hanging with the Lilocs
  • Martha! Need I say more??
  • Ernest taking care of everything while I’m sick

2 thoughts on “Good Stuff – March 17, 2010

  1. Eno

    E’s Good Stuff—

    Finishing my first 8K race!
    Megan racing/running the Shamrock run!
    The Lilocs visiting over the weekend!
    Love our new couch!

  2. Andre

    March Madness!
    Rest after a great 8k race
    Time at the Notartes
    Sick family :(
    Working from home

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